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The Urban Sport Event at Castle Vale Stadium

Sporting fun pitched up at Castle Vale Stadium during an Urban Sport Event delivered by Compass Support. The day was organised to give local children a chance to enjoy outdoor sports activities during the half-term break.

Mad Birmingham were on hand to co-ordinate Panna Football, a unique and exciting experience which took place inside a small inflatable set-up on the Stadium’s 3G pitch. They also handed out free goodies including t-shirts and water bottles to all who took part.

JJFC and Foundations4TheFuture also took part and delivered a range of football activities such as drills and 15-minute games. Kits Academy meanwhile provided a boxing session which proved a knockout with the kids while an inflatable penalty shootout and inflatable darts (courtesy of Tom’s Lights) sparked the competitive streak in both children and parents!

Talia Farrell, Health and Wellbeing Project Coordinator at Compass Support, said: “I would like to thank Sport Birmingham, JJFC, Foundations4TheFuture and Kits Academy for all of their help, getting involved in each different activity and for bringing such a positive atmosphere to this event overall.”

“I’d also like to say thank you to my colleagues at Compass Support and Castle Vale Stadium, who were able to help and support me on the day.”

“Even with it raining at some points, it was a great day and I look forward to the coming future providing more fun at Castle Vale Stadium, with Compass Support and wider organisations involved.”

Molly Dowling, Youth Worker at Compass Support, also supported the event and even provided the children with certificates and small prizes at the end of the day.

Molly said: “I feel that the day was a success, and with the hard work of my colleagues, especially Talia, the young people were able to have a day filled with fun and football!”

“It was amazing to see smiles from all of those involved, as well as be a part of something giving young people and their families a chance to be themselves and spend time with those in their local community.”

For more information about upcoming events at Castle Vale Stadium, please email: or visit the Facebook page @Castle Vale Stadium.